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Composite doors are quickly becoming the preferred choice of entrance doors for many people due to the advantages they have, super strong, high security, easy maintenance, excellent thermal efficiency and the general look and feel of a composite door make it the most popular door choice on the market.

“Composite doors are taking the market by storm and are widely regarded as the must-have for your front door!”

Composite doors are made from a mixture of materials, such as glass fibre, which is pressed together and glued under high pressure. These are then clad in an outer skin which can be made to look like real wood but are far stronger, will not warp or require re-painting. Virtually indistinguishable from wooden doors, they are highly insulated and are often supplied with multi-point locks. Although it appears to look just like a solid timber door, a composite door has greater benefits as, thanks to the materials used, it won’t fade, discolour or require any maintenance beyond wiping with a damp cloth if it gets dirty.

So if you’re looking for a new door that will provide security, longevity, insulation and enhance the aesthetics of your home, look no further than a composite door.

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