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Sally Holland – Portland

Now that the work on my house has been completed, I just wanted to write and thank everyone who has been involved in the refurbishment for everything they have done for me.

I’m a firm believer that it only works if it starts from the top and I found your advice and planning extremely helpful. However, my particular thanks go to Shaun and to each and every tradesman who has worked here; not only for the high standard of their workmanship, but for being so easy to work with and have in the house.

I feel very fortunate to have dealt with people who have been punctual, polite, helpful, cheerful and conscientious. As you know, the work was done during a particularly difficult personal time in my life and I took a gamble deciding to go ahead when I was feeling so fragile – on reflection, it could have been a disaster, but turned out to be anything but.

I must also thank Debbie and everyone else I dealt with in the office for their help.

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