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Snow Day (Part 2)

Snow Day (Part 2)

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Good Morning – It’s a tad chilly out there!

So here we are in March (should be Spring) and marching towards Easter but the conditions seem to be a little slow in catching up. Despite being only the second day of the month, we already have a top candidate for Employee of the Month. Dave was not able to get his van into work due to the conditions however did make it on foot carrying all of his tools – Now that is commitment for you.

Open all hours, our core team also made it into the office despite the treacherous conditions this morning. It took Stuart over an hour from Upwey to Wyke, with Shane and Andrew walking in to avoid driving on the ice.

If you are planning to or need to go out today, please be extra careful, and of course give us a call in the office if you need anything.

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