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Are you looking for windows and doors that perform well without compromising aesthetics, aluminium could be for you. But what do you get with your investment? Aluminium is a very stable material that minimises expansion and contraction with changes in the temperature; this makes it an ideal choice for sliding and folding patio doors. They are available in hundreds of colours; you can even have a different colour inside to outside!


Our portfolio of windows is compatible with a range of accessories, locking mechanisms and are available in a wide range of colours and finishes that comply with all relevant British and/or European standards. Compliance with Document ‘ L’ for thermal transmittance applies. We offer window systems with excellent weather performance/ratings in accordance with the requirements of British Standards. Aluminium windows have some great attributes which make a sustainable choice for windows, including but not limited to, thinner profiles with a more streamlined appearance, low maintenance, stronger than PVCu.


We offer a range of doors suitable for all applications. There are several options available including, commercial hinged, commercial swing, patio, tilt and slide, slide folding, multi-track slide, bi-folding and automatic. Designed for use as open in or open out, in single or double doors. Doors are available with polyamide thermal frames for high-performance thermal efficiency, these are available with high-security glazing, locking mechanism including deadlock and hook bolts, dual colour options and excellent weather performance these are just some of many special features for these doors.

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